Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In like a lion....

Well March sure came in with a fury!  Today the winds are blowing as if Aslan himself were roaring.  My mother-in-law and I opened some strategic windows to get in "new" air and while we were chatting we heard the sound of metal being blown around.
At first I thought it was the metal lid to a garbage can and then I looked out into the field.  There was a 4 ft. x 6 ft. piece of metal sheeting from the shed where we keep the rolls of hay.
the roof piece I repaired last March
I muttered to myself as I went to get boots and work gloves, I had repaired this shed last March and now it appeared that my work would have to be done twice.
As I walked to the metal sheeting I looked over at the shed where it should have been.  It wasn't from the roof like I thought.  The closer I got the more I saw the pattern.  This piece was from the south side of the shed.  It had been blown over 100 feet away.
I picked up the piece to bring to the north side of the shed where it is protected from the blowing wind.  The wind had other ideas.  It yanked the piece out of my hands-quickly I put my hands over my head to protect myself and waited.  The wind took the sheeting 50 feet past where I had originally picked it up.
the southwest side of the shed
I muttered some more and went back for the sheeting.  I knew it could blow clear into the road if I didn't get it.
This time I pulled it behind me like a child's sled and managed to get it to the north side of the shed.  I walked around the shed looking for the place it had originally been hanging.  Sure enough it came from the southwest corner of the shed.
I walked around the rest of the buildings to make sure there weren't any pieces flapping in the breeze.  Thankfully, it is the only piece.

Tomorrow's agenda:  fix the sheeting.

In the meantime, we've started some herb seedlings and we're waiting for the cows and calves.  The bulls, Sechs and Seiben, were hunkered down in the far end of the barn away from the wind.  I am hoping to see the trailer with cows and calves come up the driveway any day now.

Happy Winds-day, sending love and battened-down kisses from the farm!

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