Thursday, March 15, 2012

Is it really March??

morning sky
Today's weather feels more like June than March.  In fact the weather man said that we should expect the temperature to stay in the 70s all week.  Really??

Well, it was nice enough to sleep with the windows open last night and I loved it.  The loons and geese flew by in the night and you could hear them calling to one another.  The coyotes were calling last night as well.  I woke to the sound of them yipping and yapping so close I would have thought they were next to the house.
I had just spoken with the E. brothers, Dave, and Mike, yesterday about Travis' and my coyote sighting last weekend.  We agreed that it was not a good sign for the young calves that were due to come "summer" here.  We discussed what could be done and what should be done, but agreed there was no fast fix.

After hearing the coyotes last night I was sure I was going to find one of the bulls down this morning.  But yahoo, Sechs and Seiben were just fine.  Eating their hay by the cool side of the barn acting as if no threat had even come near them.

As I approached the gate to take a picture Sechs came up to check me out, as usual I held out my hand for him to smell.  He rubbed his head against it instead.  Taking the cue I started to scratch the nub where his horns would grow from and found he was quite content.  As I continued to scratch he continued to offer new places; behind his ears, the bridge of his nose and breadth of his forehead.  Soon I was scratching his neck and he would occasionally change locations for me.
right there, behind the ear
I think he would have stood there until my arm fell off.
his "nub" is worn from rubbing
Finally it was time to go into the house to get ready for some errands in town.

As my mother-in-law and I drove by the Angus farm near us, we stopped to take a

picture of a giant snapper, sunning him/herself by the roadside.  So impressive! And not intimidated by me at all!  The snapper turned full-face toward me, ready to challenge if I got too close.
"You talking to me?"
A few pictures and we were off.  As we drove by later there was no sign of it so we hope it went toward the pond on the other side of the fence.

All in all a beautiful day on the farm.

Sending love and kisses from a sun-kissed face...

oxoxo from the farm

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