Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Rainy Saturday Morning

Today the cousins are coming to the farm--it is the highlight of this week!  There will be much laughter, talking-over-one-another and out-and-out shenanigans.

As I looked outside the sky was blackening to the west and soon Arliss was outside making a tarp into a lean-to.  I love his creativity.  He has a very gentle heart, a sweet tenderness with the animals and a way of seeing the world through brighter eyes than most.

Travis has been busy working in the shed lately.  He has made a box for his magazines, a "Fort Knox" box for his money and is presently working on 3 different projects; a hat rack, a side table, and a pull-up bar.  I love how his mind works too.  It's analytical, just like his dad, always looking for ways to take things apart and put them together in new ways.

I am blessed. I don't deny it--not ever.  I know what I have and I am grateful.  Enjoy the pictures of Arliss' lean-to tarp.

Sending you love and rainy-day kisses from the farm.


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