Saturday, April 28, 2012

Busy Days

As expected, spring on a farm brings a lot of activity.  This week was no different.

The E. brothers, Dave, Mike, and Terry, as well as their dad, "Grandpa" E., were out checking on the cattle this week.  On Friday Rover and Rufus started barking at the farm machinery coming down the road.  It is all too common for them to bark so I thought nothing of it, until I looked out in the field to see Mike on the large John Deere with a "soil finisher" attachment on it.

a beautiful, finished field

our family prefers "red" to "green"

This attachment has a trio of tools that help prepare the soil for planting.  The discs are first, which turn the soil over, then comes the second piece-- it looks like an arrow with its head bent back toward the tractor.  This part works a bit like a plow, slicing through the dirt, cutting up any chunks the disc left behind.  The final piece is the rake, which levels out any high places, kind of the way a comb goes through your hair.
the soil finisher attachment
So, the field has been "finished" and the seeding has begun.  Even though the weather feels more like the beginning of March than the end of April, it's time to plant.  This year we will have field corn growing.

This morning Dave and Terry came up the drive with a trailer behind, which means more cattle.  Sure enough, another cow and calf have come to "summer" with us.  The mother high-tailed it for the barn when she was unloaded, leaving her calf behind to fend for himself.  He even tried to follow Terry out of the gate when he went to close it.
After a couple minutes Dave and Terry decided to "encourage" the mother to find her calf.  Terry went into the barn and shooed the cows and calves out and within moments the new mother was calling to her calf.

cleaned and ready for ducks
Today was also moving day for the ducklings.  They are about 5-6 weeks old now and have grown too large for the guinea pig cage we had them in.  It was all-hands-on-deck as we prepared the chicken coop for the ducks.  Travis brought 4 wheelbarrows of hay for bedding and Arliss helped spread it around.  Soon the sounds of quacking filled the air as Andrew brought the flock around the large storage shed toward their new home.
we put the dog kennel across the back of the truck
and moved it over to the chicken coop

Enjoy the pictures... sending love and spring kisses from the farm.
nestling into their new home.
Our family has always had chickens...
 it's even part of our farm logo 

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