Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Congratulations~it's a boy!!

Chester--less than 48 hours old
After being on constant "baby watch" for the past week I am proud to announce the arrival of "Chester."  He was born somewhere between Wednesday evening and this morning.  He's very new, still has the "lick" marks from being groomed for the first time.
I don't normally name the calves, but this time  Chester just seemed to fit.

 Momma #55 has already told me to stay clear a bit.  She "mooed" at me in a different tone than the usual cow style.  Kind of the same way a dog gives a deep growl to warn a person.  I know better than to get in the same area without some kind of barricade; there was always a cattle gate or fence between us.

So no baby presents are necessary--unless you have a bale of hay or two you'd like to give.  In the meantime, enjoy the pictures of our newest addition!!

 Sending love and cow-lick kisses from the farm.

#55 has tucked Chester away from my line of sight

Proud Momma

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