Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lovely day, lovely views

The violets are blooming like a purple and lavender quilt across the yard.  It calls like a siren to come out into the sunshine and drink deeply the wonderful spring air.
I gladly obeyed the siren call and walked around smelling the apple blossoms, pear blossoms and lilac bushes.  Mr. H. came by with his tractor and tilled the garden again for me.  God bless good neighbors!
I took  a slew of pictures to show the flowering beauties and other spring growth around the farm.  Enjoy!!

Sending love and sunny kisses from the farm,
virginia bluebells

pear blossoms

apple blossoms

lilacs blooming smell so sweet
these are just outside the back door

I stand 5'4" and these lilacs are easily 10ft. tall or more 

wild plant "heal all" smells wonderful

the mommas stand guard over their younguns'

wild raspberry bushes grow all over the farm

a combination of mulberry trees and rose of sharon growing

Good Neighbor, Mr. H., tilling our garden

 Great Gram's peonies

the ducklings are doing well...quack quack !

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