Friday, April 6, 2012

Lovely days continue

Today is Good Friday.  According to tradition potatoes must be planted.  My dad said that he remembers spending many a Good Friday planting potatoes with his father, even in freezing rain.  I am not surprised, in a way, I am amused and tickled.  My grandfather was a man who had reasons for doing things and they were not up for discussion.

Last year I didn't get the potatoes in the ground until almost 2 weeks after Good Friday.  I caught a lot of good natured teasing that my potatoes were not going to grow since I missed the "planting date."  This year  I made sure to get them in the ground on time.  My garden is now the proud possessor of 59 mounds with more than 59 potato eyes in them.  The potatoes take up more than 1/3 of the garden, but hey--if you want potatoes for hash browns or french fries this fall you know where to come to get them!!

The E. brothers, Mike and Terry came by with another cow today.  Travis and I went to see the new cow and were able to talk with the E. brothers about the cattle in general.  The plan is to get 10 sets of cows/calves here for the summer and they have picked the most feisty coyote fighters to be here.  I had shared with them about the coyotes Travis and I saw a few weeks ago so they decided to act accordingly.

I guess that means I won't be taking carefree walks through the pasture without knowing where my exits are beforehand.

The best thing about the cow that the E. brothers brought over is that she is pregnant.  When they bought her last fall they were told that she was so cantankerous she would just as soon kill you if you tried to get near her new calf.  So they brought her to our farm so that when she delivers she will already be here.

I also learned that Sechs, our young bull, will be returning!!

So, the ducklings are doing well and growing more and more fuzzy each day.  We are up to 21 ducklings; 17 Pekin and 4 Rouen.

Wahoo for my day!!!

I hope you have a blessed Easter and a wonderful spring.
tuckered out after a swim in the wading pool

4 Rouens and the Pekin runt

everyone in the pool

"getting to know you..."

Sending love and fuzzy kisses from the farm.

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