Monday, April 2, 2012

Make Way for Ducklings!

Today was pretty eventful!  Dave E., the oldest of the E. brothers, came by to check on the cows and calves with his dad, whom we call "Grampa E."  He isn't our grandpa, but he knew my grandpa, so it fits.

Make Way for Ducklings [Book]Anyway, Dave and I were talking about various things and I told him that I couldn't get the rototiller to work.  I had tried during last week but found myself more frustrated than anything else.  Dave said he would let Mr. H., our next door neighbor, know about my need to turn the garden.

About an hour later, Mr. H. came up the driveway with his Kubota tractor and tiller attachment.  His wife Sherri, had been out on her walk and came up to give him a hand.  Within 10 minutes my garden was freshly tilled and beautiful to see.

sleep huddle
While Sherri and I were talking, I asked her if she knew where to find ducklings.  My husband, Andrew, grew up with ducks and geese and has talked for years about getting them again.
 I told him that Mr. H. had seen ducklings at the Tractor Supply Company about 30 minutes from our farm.  Within 20 minutes Andrew was on his way to TSC.

Later I received a text message with a picture of ducklings at the store.  A few more texts and I quickly learned that we would have 17 Pekin ducklings at home soon.  Arliss and Travis were surprised and Arliss was quite smitten with the little fuzzy ducklings.

Andrew took the old guinea pig cage and prepared it for the ducklings.  By the time I came home from work the water for the ducklings had been changed at least twice and they were huddled together in the corner of their new home.
Travis is like a duck whisperer, his duckling was so peaceful

In a few weeks we'll have to make adjustments to their housing, but in the meantime, they will be chirping and quacking over Rufus and Rover's kennels.

Sending love and fuzzy yellow kisses from the farm.

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