Saturday, April 14, 2012

Quiet Mornings

It's Saturday.  I love this day for all the unending possibilities, all of the wide-open ideas with no "real" work in sight until Monday.  Before I started my part-time job every day was a kind of Saturday... now, I cherish this one day at home.

The cow (#55) that the E. brothers brought last week still hasn't had her calf.  She is due any day and I can hardly wait to see the new one.  The cow/calf total is up as of Thursday, when another cow & calf were delivered.  The new one looks a lot like Queenie or Princess from last year, but I cannot be sure yet if she is a cow from last year.

I have managed to name 3 of the 5 though; Curly Sue, Mary Moo, and Buttercup (as in Princess Buttercup).  

double bloom lilacs
The ducklings are growing by leaps and bounds and now spend most of their day outside in the large dog pen.  Andrew, my hubby the "duck whisperer," took chicken wire around the bottom and across the top to prevent escape from below and any potential attacks from above from hawks.  I have never seen anyone who connects with the animals like he does.  It's just a delight to see him interact with the ducks.

single bloom lilacs
The lilac bushes are amazing.  We have 4 on the property, 3 are single bloom but 1 has double blooms.  It smells intoxicating.  I love it!! Lilacs are my second favorite flower--my favorite is the peony.  We have 5 peony bushes but last year only 2 bloomed.  I am hoping for better this spring.

1948 Farmall H--love that red color
I just found out that my dad, brother, and eldest nephew are on the way out to get the Farmall "H" tractor.  The 1948 tractor is the same make and model that my grandfather used when my dad was growing up.  It is a treasure for all of us and reminds us of so many special memories.  Glad I took pictures of it this morning.

I have included "a million" pictures this week.  Enjoy.
Sending love and lazy morning kisses from the farm.
old pump by the barnyard

the mommas are watching me

longing for the green grass on the other side

virginia bluebells

Pekin ducklings

runt with Rouen ducklings

Great-gram Frieda's lunch bell

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