Friday, May 18, 2012


Today is my day off from my part-time job. I love work, just errands, a prayer meeting in the morning and then an afternoon of whatever I choose.
a new view from an old farmhouse window 

 Today is a beautiful day, one that just whispers, "Come outside, find a porch swing, a rocking chair, or a hammock and enjoy. So, I decided to obey that whisper and I have been sitting at my picnic table under our red oak tree just listening to the breeze and the birds.

This morning while Arliss and Travis waited for the bus at the end of our drive, I was greeted by the high-speed buzzing sound of hummingbird wings. I stood silently as it taste-tested our feeder and the drank its fill.

 Later as I walked around the out-buildings and down the toward the fields, I watched red-winged blackbirds alight on the wild grasses growing in the hay field.

 Our ducks are old enough now to "free range" a bit and have been enjoying the bugs around the tree stump, as well as the shady places--perfect for a nap.

 As I came back from a short walk, I heard a new birdsong and saw my first Oriole. Their chests are a deep orange, like Kool-aid.

 I love days like TV, limited time on the computer, by choice... Just a book, a snack and the country.
 sending love and sweet lazy kisses from the farm. oxox

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  1. So let's see if this comment actually get to you this time! :) It's Breanna Your Thursday sounds fantastic and I much say I'm a little jealous! I though I do enjoy my country life too. I went for a bike ride(on my brand new bike yay) this week and enjoyed the sunset and the company of a friendly horse. It was really nice and reminded how much I like it out here and would not want to live in the city again! My chickens are getting BIG! Too big!! I have the 6 big hens, the rooster, and 3 teen chick and then 3 younger chicks. They are all outside now with the youngest ones separated still. Every time I let them socialize the little ones get picked on. So they much grow a little more so they can defend themselves. WOW! I wrote much more than I thought I was going to! Sorry about that. Chat with you soon! :)