Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Arliss the Protector
School is out and the lazy summer schedule has begun.  Bike rides, sleeping late, creating imaginary adventures and watching the garden grow are on our schedule.
Such fun!

Travis has taken to woodworking and Arliss has been creating his own wonderful forts and adventures.
I have been watching the ducks grow each day and the garden has a plethora of veggies for our pantry.  My mother-in-law has been working hard to get herbs and veggies started.  She has a great green thumb.

With the hay cut the dogs and ducks have another few acres to explore.  Our dogs, Rufus and Rover, have found a vole nest in the hay field and have dug out the whole burrow.   The ducks are thrilled to have even more area to search for bugs.

   Calves are growing and loving the open pasture for running and romping. And yes, I think the calves romp !

Enjoy the pictures.  Sending love and sweet summer kisses from the farm. oxox

Arliss has a tent among the pine trees

all I would need is a good book...I'd never leave!

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