Friday, August 10, 2012

Another day, another experience

As I mentioned in the last post, we have added geese, having lost one the first day to coyotes, although the death is unconfirmed, it is the most likely scenario.
A week later, as I put the ducks and geese away for the night I did a head count.  We were missing a duck.  I counted again. Yup.  We were missing a duck.  I went to the house and told Andrew, immediately we were outside whistling for it, listening for any sound that could signal that the duck was  just slow in finding its mates.  Nothing.

The next morning Andrew was gone before anyone was up.  When he returned he had the needed items to build a pen next to the coop where the ducks and geese could be safe from any prowling animals.  Since then, all has been well. The geese and ducks are trained now that when I come around the corner of the out building that it is time to go to bed.  By the time I get in the pen they are inside the coop and I just have to count heads and shut the door.

The reality is that the coyotes, like other animals, have been effected by the drought.  The mice have tried to set up house in my house.  So far, people 3 mice 0.  We don't play around when it comes to mice.  They may seem cute, but one mouse can eat 25 pounds of food a year.  With the number of litters they can have in a year, it can quickly multiply the loss of food.  I personally hot-glue an almond or peanut to the trap.  Gets them every time.  I used to use peanut butter, but the mice can be crafty and lick it off without triggering the trap.

The rains have finally come.  My grass now is green/brown instead of brown with a hint of green.  I may have to cut more frequently this month.  But I will cut grass and be grateful after so much dry and hot weather.

Arliss found a praying mantis on a recent walk

one of my favorite views... east hayfield facing west.

Rufus was nose to nose with Princess and just couldn't figure out why the "dog" didn't want to play with him!

Today I made 8 loaves of zucchini bread for friends and family.  Of all the vegetables we planted the zucchini has been the most successful.  The house smells amazing.

I leave you with some pictures from the wonderful world that surrounds me.  I am grateful.  Farm life is hard work, sometimes with few rewards, but the beauty around us, the sweet breezes, the wide open spaces, and the feeling of satisfaction when you have worked hard and completed the tasks for the day-it makes it all worthwhile.

Enjoy the pictures and know we send lots of love from the farm.
Sunsets out here seem to be more breathtaking than the last one

this garter snake met its Maker... but at whose claws, talons, or beak?  

Arliss checking out the dead garter

wild camomile grows all over the farm

another sunset

last night's sunset after the storms had passed
oxxoo to you and yours

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