Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Honk, quack, run

I have been taking a number of pictures around the farm and now I can show you what we have been doing.
Last week we added 6 goslings to the growing menagerie here.  They are a combination of Chinese geese and Sebastopol geese.  They love the wide open but are still startled easily by some of the silliest things.  Our Brittany loves to run past the goslings to get them running hither and yon.

We have had some beautiful skies as storms have come through.  Our corn is desperate still for any rain at all.  It looks like we will get half of the crop this season.  Some other farmers are not as lucky.

I am giving you a bunch of pictures as "pictures are worth a thousand words" so enjoy!!

Sending love from the farm.

one of my favorite spots for the sunset

Arliss heading home with Rufus

one of the storms that came through

after we saw that snake I saw this at the store-- too funny

Arliss with our first cucumber
First batch of potatoes from the garden

another amazing sunset

wildflowers are some of the prettiest flowers ever!

the goslings chased the ducks the first day

and chased the ducks some more....

hope your view heading home is this peaceful 

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