Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall days

Life has been quiet here on the farm.  The cows are gone, the fields are drying and waiting for the tractors to come and begin the harvest.  The nights are colder and the furnace has been turned on for the first time this week.

The ducks and geese have been growing fat and sassy and we soon will process the last of them before winter sets in.  I have been taking my camera with me in the morning when I go to let them out in the morning.  I love how the sun comes up and makes the world seem full of possibilities.

I have been taking a lot of pictures as usual, but with teaching and other responsibilities I have been remiss in posting them for you.

I hope as the weather turns colder you will find many blessings as we turn toward the holiday season.
Sending love and chilly kisses from the farm.

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