Saturday, November 10, 2012

November, how I've missed you!

The fields are bare,  the corn is harvested, and we are preparing to settle in for the cold days ahead.
some of the duck eggs
Travis roto-tilling the garden one last time
The ducks and geese have been giving us eggs faithfully every day for the past two almost three weeks and we are now bartering with a friend who has honey, a pound of honey for a dozen duck eggs.  Another friend is going to buy an "oven-ready" duck on Monday.

my quilt is the size of
a crib blanket
The dogs are busy barking at all of the squirrels gathering nuts for the winter and my mending basket is getting low as I work on different items each night.  Soon I will be working on some scarves and my hexagon quilt.

The house is quiet today as Travis and Arliss are away at a church retreat.  My Honey is at work so it is just Rover, Rufus and me in the restful house.
The trees are bare and their beauty covers the ground, all tucked in for the winter nap that will come in the next few weeks.
I am loving the great wonder of a new season and all it will hold.
Blessings to you and yours, enjoy the pictures of recent "goings-on" here.

Sending love and lots of chilly kisses from the farm.

every day is amazing here

Travis got to drive the 1936 F-12 solo for his birthday
hard to believe that barn has been
standing for over 100 years

Travis is on the F-12,  my brother is on the 1948 "H"

A serene morning on my way back from feeding the ducks and gathering eggs

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