Thursday, December 27, 2012

Morning chores

The temperatures have been in the teens these past few mornings. The ducks have been anxious to return to the coop before egg gathering is finished. Their water has been frozen every morning and I have been breaking it with the corner of a shovel.
This morning I went to let the ducks out and found that their water was frozen solid, nothing was going to give the ducks water unless I brought it to them.
After bringing back the eggs I filled three five-gallon buckets with hot water and drove them over to the coop. Once the water was poured into the watering containers the geese and ducks were thrilled and stood in the pool of warm water to drink and to wash. They love water and I know it will be many more trips with buckets of water before spring comes.

Sending love and wet duck kisses from the farm,

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