Thursday, December 13, 2012

Snowless December

Even though the fields are resting and the garden is empty we have been busy. The ducks have been giving us eggs each day and the geese should be soon. Every morning I go into the coop I expect to find geese eggs. So far, none.
Other points of excitement include the news that cougars have been spotted in our area. Since we live about an hour from a major city it seems unlikely, and yet, they have been spotted just outside that major city.
We have no snow and have actually broken a record for more than 280 days without measurable snowfall. Last year was "snowless" and now it seems this year could be too.
I bought more yarn to make Travis and Arliss some scarves --camouflage colors of course.
My dad brought his tractors and 1929 Dodge out to "sleep" for the winter. That seems the best way to explain it to my 3 year old nephew. The three Farmall tractors are tucked in until spring.
The fruit trees need pruning, the garden shed needs to be organized again, and the duck coop needs a new roof.
I should organize my sewing room and go through the boys' toys that they have outgrown.
But there are gardening books to read, a quilt to keep working on, scarves to knit and quiet to appreciate.

The Christmas tree is up and the boys helped me put up lights outside this year.
I can hardly believe it will be Christmas in less than two weeks. I am hoping for some snow by then.

For now, know that we wish you a merry and bright Christmas. May you be with those you hold near to your heart.
Blessings to you and yours for the farm.

deck is all "decked out"

the water trough for the cattle is tucked in for the winter

view from the east hay field

glorious duck eggs

wintry morning

Travis decorated the barn doors

the F-12 and the "H"

dinner time!

view from the front yard

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