Thursday, January 24, 2013

Freeze and thaw

This winter our weather has been unusual, as I have previously posted. A couple weeks ago we hit 55-60 degrees. I have spent some of my time feeling frustrated, as we have yet to have more than an inch or two of snow.
The weekend we had such mild temperatures I decided Travis, Arliss, and I would clean out the coop completely and let the ducks and geese take advantage of the grass that was available.

The geese and ducks found puddles and splashed and played. Eating, flapping and stretching their wings while the boys and I hauled straw and hay chaff from the barn floor to the coop. Since we knew the cold would eventually return we took bales of straw and put them up against the coop for extra insulation.

The kiddie pool we had used to water the ducks and geese was emptied, cleaned and filled for the birds to finally clean and preen themselves. I also was able to clean and refill their water bucket in their pen. It is made of a more durable plastic/rubber that can withstand the expansion that comes with ice.
Finally, when the work was finished the birds went back into their coop; clean, well-fed, and ready for the next wave of cold weather. Which, being in Chicago, came that very night.

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