Saturday, January 5, 2013

Time to trim

I have posted in the past that the fruit trees here have become unruly over the years. Winter of 2010 I pruned the Wolf River apple tree that was special to my grandfather. I also did a little pruning on the other apple trees and the pear tree. A lot has been on my plate since then and trimming/pruning hasn't been one of them.
This week Travis and Arliss helped me with the pruning and we were able to accomplish a lot among the various trees.
Travis took down the dead part of a tree that had been grafted almost 30 years ago. The grafted section is growing quite nicely. We also cut off many of the sucker branches that had grown on the pear tree and the apple trees. The trees look bare compared to before but I know they will be the better for it when it comes time for the growing season in the spring.

Sending love and wishes for sweet apples this summer from the farm.

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