Tuesday, March 5, 2013


My neck-of-the-woods is in the middle of the biggest snow storm of the season and yet, the animals know spring is coming. We have two cows that arrived this week with their day-old calves. At least one of the cows has been here before. I recognized Duchess by the large white smear across her black forehead. Her calf is all black and so small. It's hard to remember how big he will get by October.
three goose eggs 

The ducks and geese are continuing to lay eggs and we have now begun incubating them. So far we have 4 duck eggs and 9 goose eggs in the incubator. By the end of spring break we should have some little fuzzy babies.

The wild birds has been appreciative of my suet feeder and bird feeder this winter. I took the feeder down and put it on the front porch next to my rocking chair because of the wind. Every morning I find little bird footprints in the snow where they have hopped in search of breakfast.

I am looking forward to summer when I will have time to dig in my gardens and pick wild berries and mulberries too. My job situation has changed for the better and I am teaching now so I will have June, July and August to play here on the farm.

Travis starts high school in the fall and will be taking Intro. to Agricultural Industry and hopes to take a welding course too. Arliss will be finishing his last year in junior high. Where did the time go?
Life here on the farm is quiet, restful, and such a huge blessing. I hope you are able to take time--no, make time-- to find a place to rest and reflect on all the blessings you have been given. You too, have many things to be thankful for.

Sending love and many blessings from the farm,

eggs in the incubator

incubating eggs the old fashioned way

they are all gathered around their watering hole which is quickly filling with snow and slush
I love red barns, especially in the snow

a quiet place for reflection