Monday, May 6, 2013

A Good Day

Today is Monday which means I woke before the sun to get my farm chores done prior to
leaving for school. Travis and Arliss are finishing their last few weeks of school and then summer will officially begin.
Sweet hubby started the tomato seeds a few weeks ago and the tender shoots have come through the dirt.
I finished teaching and then picked up chick #18 from a student who was unable to continue caring for it.
As I drove in, Travis met me and asked me to drive him to the high school to cheer on his fellow track team members in their final events. His final meet was last week and I knew he'd want to be there, so off we went.
When I returned, chick #18 was adjusting to his coop mates and I washed the dishes. The yard beckoned and while the dishes dried I went to cut the grass and let the ducks & geese out to forage.
Now I sit on the porch relaxing, watching the sunset and realizing it has been a good day.
Many blessings to you and yours. May your week be filled with "good days" too.
With love from the farm,

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