Sunday, June 30, 2013


One thing about farm living-- there is never a point when you are truly finished with a task that will never have to be done again.  During the summer it seems that weeding, trimming, cutting, gleaning, thinning, etc. never seems to end.  

At this time of the summer the mulberries are ripening and so are the raspberries. The strawberries have also been giving us luscious fruit -- nothing sweeter than a fresh strawberry.   The grapes are growing and should bring in a great harvest this September.  Our garden is thriving and the vegetables have become well established, but so have the weeds.  I have been trying to get them under control.  During the last two weeks it has rained enough to cause serious flooding around us, the garden is a sodden pit, making it hard to finish the task of weeding. 

The ducks, geese, and chickens are doing well.  The geese have hatched another gosling who is thriving and gives us hope that it might reach adulthood.  Unfortunately, the incubator died and we lost over 30 viable duck eggs.  The manufacturer sent us another machine, with only the cost of the postage. Yay!  

I have loved having visitors here at the farm and the summer is not even 1/2 over.  I still have a number of folks who are planning us here.  Are you one of them??

Enjoy the pictures.  
Sending love and kisses from our beautiful views,

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