Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Country living

As drove into town the other day I started a list of  YOU KNOW YOU ARE IN FARM COUNTRY WHEN:
1. You watch for animals like dogs, chickens, even a possible cow, as you drive down the road.
2. You are more likely to wake to the birds outside your window than the alarm clock you set.
3. You can tell what each farm is doing during the seasons based on the vehicles coming in and out of their property.
4. If there is suddenly bumper-to-bumper traffic it means a large piece of farm machinery is on the road.
5. If you see two cars/trucks on the side of the road it isn't because of car trouble-- the driver is probably talking with another farmer they haven't seen in a while.
(I've actually seen a riding lawn mower parked by the side of the road while the person talks with the driver in the truck that pulled over). 
6. You know which neighbor is coming down the road based on the make and model of the tractor.  
7. You are more likely to be seen at the store wearing overalls and work boots than anything else. 
8. There is no such thing as a "quick trip into town" -- since town is about 30 minutes or more from the farm.

I am sure there are many more.  I may add to the list as I see more country living  out here on the farm.  

Sending love and kisses from the farm,

My niece driving the tractor for her 10th birthday.  My dad is on the draw bar for last minute instructions.

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