Saturday, December 13, 2014

New and old

This Christmas is different than those my family has celebrated in the past.  We aren't on the farm, we don't have a tree. It's not the norm, for sure.  But there are some things I still can do to celebrate.

I made anise toast today. It's a recipe handed down for over four generations.  It's a less-than-five-ingredients recipe similar to biscotti.  My dad and sons love it, so do I.  

I also made my grandma's ginger snaps. The smell of ginger, cloves, and cinnamon filled our apartment with wonderful memories.  

I have to continue making new memories while I cherish the old ones.  It's one of the most simple things to do this season. 

Sending love to you and yours this Christmas. 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Favorite seasons

Even living in the "city" instead of the "country" I continue to seek the same joys I found when I lived on the farm. 

I'm enjoying the simplicity of finding these little treasures while we wait for the next step in our hobby farm adventures.  
I hope you enjoy the pictures.
Sending love from a farm girl...
Always and forever 

Up close on our ornamental cherry tree

The view from the parking garage - still pretty

Maple leaves in transition

The sunset near our apartment

The view out our "new" window

A sweet sunrise this week

Perspective from our apartment 

Sunday, October 5, 2014


It's Sunday. I love this day.  No work, no school, no errands. Just church and family time.  
Below are the views I had while driving around today.  I hope you appreciate them as much as I did. 

Nebraska has some of the most amazing skies

Soybeans are close to harvest time. 

Incredible clouds, incredible blue sky

I almost missed these views

Within minutes of this picture, the sky was blackened and pouring rain.

Sending love from the Cornhusker State,

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Views to see

I was at the park where my sons run for their cross country meets this morning. It's on the edge of town, where wild turkey flocks roam and forage and where buffalo and elk find refuge on a portion of land that is a preserve.  I loved the quietness of the open land and watching Canadian geese and mallard ducks search for food around the pond.  

I have quickly fallen in love with this large park that is surrounded by large pines and other trees. I love how nature is all around, you just need the eyes to look and see.

I hope you enjoy the photos.
Sending love from the lovely land of Nebraska,

The moss on the north side of a pine

Reflections on the pond

The morning sun breaking through

Buffalo in his grazing land

The elk were almost 150 yards away.  I was amazed my the size of the elk's rack

The brown dots by the tree on the left are the buffalo grazing

Another view of the elk

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Town and country

Travis, Arliss, and I went out to do some errands yesterday.  As we drove into Lincoln, we stopped to check out this amazing piece of sculpture.  Being a staunch Farmall/Case/International Harvester family you can imagine our delight! 

There are farming tools, attachments, and at least a half dozen grills from tractors on this piece.  It's a veritable "I Spy" game all in one place.  

We loved it.  Travis was checking out the undercarriage and the various mechanical parts of the truck as well.  

Sending love from a Red Nation,

That's Travis to the right checking it out.

The old typewriter and wooden chair are in the cab of the truck. 

Make and Model

The grill of the truck

View from the other side

View from the back

Love the old plates

Front view and Travis checking out the undercarriage

One more view of this beauty :)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Drive in the Country

Today the boys and I did some errands and decided to "meander" for a while. Even though we live in Lincoln, we can be completely out of town within minutes.  A quick right turn and a few minutes later Arliss, Travis, and I had the windows down, music turned up, and were taking in the wonderful smells of clover, fresh air, and simplicity.  I know simplicity doesn't have a smell, but if it did, it would be the smell of farms and open country roads.

We drove east for 15 minutes or so, quickly finding gravel roads and wide open spaces.  We talked about the corn crops and soybean fields we passed.  We talked about the farms we drove by, the livestock they had, and the machinery we saw in their fields.  

The drive wasn't far and it wasn't for hours and hours, but when we drove back into Lincoln our spirits were refreshed and refilled.  I have a feeling we will be taking drives in the country more often.  

Sending love from a future farm, somewhere in Nebraska. :)

Friday, August 29, 2014


Shortly after my post "Yay for Saturday" my family experienced some major changes. My husband and I made the decision to move off the farm to another state where we could have some property of our own, live closer to his side of the family, and start over.  During our four years on my family farm our immediate family experienced the loss of our jobs, our previous home, and too many things to mention here.  
Travis and Arliss on my dad's 1948 Farmall "H" at our old farm

So, we sold our ducks, geese, and chickens to a young couple were just starting their farm nearby.  After weeks of trying to find an alternate plan, we finally had to sell our sweet, hilarious goats.  Many dear friends and family members came and helped us pack and finally we pulled out of the drive and headed west.  
The goats loved sneaking into the garage at the farm to rest on the covered car.

Our 20 foot U-Haul carried the most important things, as I drove the minivan that carried suitcases and coolers of food.  Our journey was messy and hard, but we arrived in Nebraska two days later.  After a lot of discussion my hubby and I decided to live in town for a year while we looked for the right piece of property to farm.  

In the next ten months or so we will search for acreage that will allow us to hobby farm.  In the meantime I have created a board on my Pintrest page called Our Future Farm.  We live near fields of golden corn and acres and acres of soybeans and in town there are fields of hay that are cut and baled into the large round bales like we had on the farm.  

People in Nebraska are kind, courteous, and helpful.  We have a strong church and solid jobs and a chance to start over.  In the meantime, Arliss and Travis attend the large high school near us and participate in sports like they did "back home."  It has been a long process, but we will make it.  In the months to come I will collect ideas for our new farm and be grateful for the time we had on our old farm.  

I won't be ignoring this blog, but my posts will definitely have a different vein for a bit.  I am including some of the new pictures I have taken of our new home state.  

Sending lots of love,

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Yay for Saturday

Today has been sunny, breezy, and perfect so far.  The animals are grazing and soaking up the sun.  
Laundry is hanging on the line, I am wearing my favorite overalls, flannel, and baseball cap.  
Birds are singing, tractors are driving by with discs, plows, and harrows to finish up field prep before planting... All I want is a hammock and a good book-- but there is always something else to do here.  
And yet, I wouldn't have it any other way.  Hooray for Saturday! 

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Our weather this month has had my closet in an unroar-- one day wool sweaters and long skirts, the next short sleeves and capris. It's just proof that we live in Northern Illinois.  
The animals are enjoying the daily grazing on the new grasses and our little ducklings, goslings, and chicks are getting a taste of the fresh air.  
My extended family help repair an unused chicken coop and Travis has been helping till the garden in preparation for the seedlings.  
We are grateful for a life on the farm and look forward to more sunshine and the blessings that come from country living. 
Enjoy the pictures.  
Sending love and sun-warmed kisses from the farm.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Adventures continue

Farm life is seldom boring.  This spring continues to prove this is true.  We have experienced golf ball sized hail and near-80 degrees only to have the temperatures drop to the mid-30s with snow in the forecast, all in a matter of 48 hours.  
The goats will explore any place available to them, including our kitchen, my husband learned when he didn't close the outer door completely.  
The ducks are getting sneaky when it comes to laying their eggs.  I have found them in the yard like an Easter egg hunt and behind straw bales used to block the wind at their coop.  
The geese are checking out the greener grass in the cow pasture, going through the fence like Harry Potter in search of the platform to Hogwarts.  
Such fun we seem to have here!! 

I hope your spring isn't too eventful, in the meantime, sending love and weather-whipped kisses from the farm.