Saturday, March 22, 2014

The long winter

The last few months have been full of struggle and hunkering down.
 Winter here has been very long, cold, and snowy; which means spring is slow in arriving and it will be quite wet.  Record-breaking cold and wind chills have cancelled school multiple times and kept us all close to the house.  Unfortunately, the cold cost us our Muscovy duck. 

Now that the weather is getting warmer--hopefully--we have added to our animal collection.  A couple weeks ago my husband brought home a year-old laMancha goat and her two-week-old kid.  Travis has decided we should call them Milk and Cheese since you need Milk to make Cheese.
  Arliss has been busy playing basketball in the barn. Earlier this year Arliss celebrated his birthday and he had his basketball team over to have fun on the farm.  We are still waiting for the snow to melt further so we can find a lost cell phone from that day, part of living on a farm I guess.  
We have plans for more chickens in the next few weeks and the incubator is on now that the ducks and geese are laying eggs again.  
I am looking forward to seeing asparagus shoots and tulip buds, sure signs of spring here.  
Wishing you and yours love, joy, and wonder this spring.
With love and kisses from the farm.

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