Monday, April 14, 2014

Adventures continue

Farm life is seldom boring.  This spring continues to prove this is true.  We have experienced golf ball sized hail and near-80 degrees only to have the temperatures drop to the mid-30s with snow in the forecast, all in a matter of 48 hours.  
The goats will explore any place available to them, including our kitchen, my husband learned when he didn't close the outer door completely.  
The ducks are getting sneaky when it comes to laying their eggs.  I have found them in the yard like an Easter egg hunt and behind straw bales used to block the wind at their coop.  
The geese are checking out the greener grass in the cow pasture, going through the fence like Harry Potter in search of the platform to Hogwarts.  
Such fun we seem to have here!! 

I hope your spring isn't too eventful, in the meantime, sending love and weather-whipped kisses from the farm.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring is springing

The animals are starting to play outside and investigate the farm after our long, brutal winter.  The goats have been exploring the grass and greenery farther and farther from the safety of the barn.  
Our first cow and calf have arrived.  The momma is the same red one as last year- Curly Sue.  Her calf has a beautiful face too. 
Hubby has enjoyed playing with our little goat and her momma has grown to trust us more and more over the last couple weeks.  
I'm looking forward to more proof of the seasonal change as the weeks go by.  In the mean time, enjoy the pictures. 
Sending love from the farm,