Friday, August 29, 2014


Shortly after my post "Yay for Saturday" my family experienced some major changes. My husband and I made the decision to move off the farm to another state where we could have some property of our own, live closer to his side of the family, and start over.  During our four years on my family farm our immediate family experienced the loss of our jobs, our previous home, and too many things to mention here.  
Travis and Arliss on my dad's 1948 Farmall "H" at our old farm

So, we sold our ducks, geese, and chickens to a young couple were just starting their farm nearby.  After weeks of trying to find an alternate plan, we finally had to sell our sweet, hilarious goats.  Many dear friends and family members came and helped us pack and finally we pulled out of the drive and headed west.  
The goats loved sneaking into the garage at the farm to rest on the covered car.

Our 20 foot U-Haul carried the most important things, as I drove the minivan that carried suitcases and coolers of food.  Our journey was messy and hard, but we arrived in Nebraska two days later.  After a lot of discussion my hubby and I decided to live in town for a year while we looked for the right piece of property to farm.  

In the next ten months or so we will search for acreage that will allow us to hobby farm.  In the meantime I have created a board on my Pintrest page called Our Future Farm.  We live near fields of golden corn and acres and acres of soybeans and in town there are fields of hay that are cut and baled into the large round bales like we had on the farm.  

People in Nebraska are kind, courteous, and helpful.  We have a strong church and solid jobs and a chance to start over.  In the meantime, Arliss and Travis attend the large high school near us and participate in sports like they did "back home."  It has been a long process, but we will make it.  In the months to come I will collect ideas for our new farm and be grateful for the time we had on our old farm.  

I won't be ignoring this blog, but my posts will definitely have a different vein for a bit.  I am including some of the new pictures I have taken of our new home state.  

Sending lots of love,