Saturday, September 20, 2014

Views to see

I was at the park where my sons run for their cross country meets this morning. It's on the edge of town, where wild turkey flocks roam and forage and where buffalo and elk find refuge on a portion of land that is a preserve.  I loved the quietness of the open land and watching Canadian geese and mallard ducks search for food around the pond.  

I have quickly fallen in love with this large park that is surrounded by large pines and other trees. I love how nature is all around, you just need the eyes to look and see.

I hope you enjoy the photos.
Sending love from the lovely land of Nebraska,

The moss on the north side of a pine

Reflections on the pond

The morning sun breaking through

Buffalo in his grazing land

The elk were almost 150 yards away.  I was amazed my the size of the elk's rack

The brown dots by the tree on the left are the buffalo grazing

Another view of the elk

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