Sunday, November 29, 2015

Changing seasons

The seasons have change from hot and humid to frigid and cold in a matter of a few weeks. We went from sleeping with the windows open to be bundled under blankets.  Thankfully we are used to cold, I am originally from the Wisconsin/Illinois area and my hubby is from Colorado.  

  Ice everywhere

  Iced seats 
    Frozen gravel roads 

This last week we finally had our heat installed.  The original owners had a boiler and radiator system, but when we moved in the system was no longer sad to use so after getting quotes for furnaces, duct work and such, we went with two gas stoves, one per floor.  The stoves have been such a blessing.  

  Warm stoves, warm toes 

The weather has been cold, ice storms, potential snow storms are coming... And we will be warm.  So grateful. And now I can begin to decorate for Christmas.  

 The upstairs stove lights

 Cedar benches smell so good

Wishing you and yours blessings, warmth, and the sweet gentleness of Christmas... 

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