Sunday, March 20, 2016

New seasons

So life on our farm is never boring. Ours comes with the added part of trying to restore our farmhouse while working off farm during the week, and growing our critter population.  
 As our work in the house seems slow some times, we are seeing success in our hard work. Two rooms have been painted, other rooms are being readied for paint and other work for the house is being done by our oldest in his high school's woods shop. 
My darling husband and I have talked a lot about the fact that this is our last move.  I have been told that we can pitch the boxes as we unpack, we don't have to save them for the next time.  This has brought us to discussing the name for our place.  On my side there are many names that have christened farms over the years, but none that represent my husband and myself.  
I asked dear hubby his thoughts and he said he had the perfect name picked out, Lucky 17 Farms. I knew it was the perfect name.  The number 17 has special meaning for us so I firmly agreed. We've already discussed that Arliss, our artistic son, could create a logo for us and Travis could make the farm sign with his woodworking skills. 

We now have seven goats, seven hens, and three roosters.  Of course the two dogs, Rufus and Rover are with us, and Hank's cats have fully adopted us as well.  Here are a few pictures of the work and critters.  If you are ever out our way and want/need a place to stay, please come.  We'd love to see you.

Sending love and kisses from the farm,


One of our guest rooms, finally painted! 

The goats love to graze on this spot every day

Stinky Pete, in the crate we brought the roosters home in last weekend

The twins goats, a doeling and a buckling, love to snuggle with each other

I love the sunsets here... 

Saturday, March 12, 2016


Today we went to our first livestock auction.  We are looking for a rooster for our Rhode Island Red hens, instead of buying a lot of chicks and waiting for them to grow.  
It's an experience in people watching, new friend making, and learning galore. We've been told each time there are different things available to buy and the summer time brings a combination of farm-style garage sale and vegetable stand to the site. 
Our younger son, Arliss, saw all of the rabbits and decided he wants to have a rabbit farm. We are coming next month for sure. 
Travis, our oldest, is watching and I can see him planning for his own place one day. 
The fun part of people watching is the kids who come here often know all the places to go, places to climb, and where the concession stand is without parents telling them where to go. 
Our goats are thriving and the chickens are happy scratching in the goat shed each day. 

Sending love and kisses for top dollar, 
from the farm
oxoxo xoxoxoxox