Saturday, March 12, 2016


Today we went to our first livestock auction.  We are looking for a rooster for our Rhode Island Red hens, instead of buying a lot of chicks and waiting for them to grow.  
It's an experience in people watching, new friend making, and learning galore. We've been told each time there are different things available to buy and the summer time brings a combination of farm-style garage sale and vegetable stand to the site. 
Our younger son, Arliss, saw all of the rabbits and decided he wants to have a rabbit farm. We are coming next month for sure. 
Travis, our oldest, is watching and I can see him planning for his own place one day. 
The fun part of people watching is the kids who come here often know all the places to go, places to climb, and where the concession stand is without parents telling them where to go. 
Our goats are thriving and the chickens are happy scratching in the goat shed each day. 

Sending love and kisses for top dollar, 
from the farm
oxoxo xoxoxoxox 

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