Thursday, September 14, 2017

Fall is coming, really

Life is always busy, but with the slow changing of the seasons I can see hope that the weather will soon turn cooler. In the meantime we continue to work at the farm. Our neighbor's cats have decided our place is much more fun than his and therefore are often lounging and sleeping on our porches. They have also become trained like a Pavlov experiment for the sound of food being scooped into the dogs' dishes and will wait expectantly for any potential food I may drop.

The goats continue to grow and graze on the property. We bought a Boer buck to breed with our Nubian does this past spring. He was a sweet goat, gentle, and willing to eat most anything offered to him. Unfortunately, not long after we bought him he became ill and we lost him. We weren't sure if he had been successful with our two does, Anne Shirley and Queen Victoria. Happily, I can report they grow bigger by the day and we anticipate doelings or bucklings in the next few weeks.
Image may contain: outdoor
We named him Duke
the rounding Anne Shirley 

Our three ducks quack and waddle around the yard during the day looking for the perfect bug, blade of grass or the errant composted piece of fruit to eat. They too, know the sound of the dog food hitting the bottom of the dish and are quick to announce to all that they are hungry. Even when the sun is still well asleep.

Our dear Travis has gone off to college in another state to study construction management. He is happy and often checks in by text, Snapchat, and the like. We are blessed to have a few more months with Arliss before he too, goes off to college. Then it will just be the hubby and me. Empty-nesters, to a point. The animals will continue to keep us busy. As will the house restoration.

We grew quite the garden this year-- the bumper crop was cucumbers. We have picked well over five bushels of them and dear hubby managed to turn nine gallons of them into bread and butter pickles, dill pickles, and relish. Here is a picture of some of our canned goods.

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jellies, pickles, kraut, stewed tomatoes, salsa, ketchup
one of our watermelons

I hope you are well and keeping busy during these early fall days.

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sunset after a very sweet day at Lucky 17 Farms 

Sending much love and blessings from the farm.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Busy days

It has been quite a while since I have posted an update here. We continue to be busy at Lucky 17 Farms. Over the fall and winter and into the spring we have had numerous activities. After cross country season was over the boys settled into school schedules and we continued to repair the house. We have cleaned the floors on the second floor and are beginning to move into the bedrooms. We have had our porches repaired and now they stand strong and straight again. Below are a few pictures of our activities.

 I have been working on my English paper piece quilt. Just a few more inches in length and about thirty more inches in width and I will have it completed.  
We scraped and painted the porches-- they look fresh and crisp after so many years of neglect.

We have seen many different animals not found in the suburbs... badgers, coyotes, owls, hawks, and numerous turkeys. This gang of turkeys was crossing the road-- I had to laugh at their expectation that we would stop and allow them to finish crossing.

I knitted scarves for the boys, finally mastering the pearl stitch. It can be difficult to learn how to knit as a "lefty" when all of my knitting friends are "righties."

Finally, this spring began and so did the soccer season. Arliss played in the midfield positions and did very well.

We attended a livestock auction not far from our farm and enjoyed checking out all the animals. Many of these pigs were from the University of Nebraska agriculture program.

This very large buck was also available at the auction. He was a whopping 215 pounds.

We bought this goat, named Duke, to help our herd grow. He is sweet in demeanor and loves to have his head scratched between his horns.

Image may contain: cat The new litter of kittens has been born, so sweet and soft to hold.

Image may contain: plant, outdoor and nature  The goats continue to graze in the trees, helping to clear out some of the overgrowth.

Image may contain: bird and outdoorWe have added ducks to our critter crew as well. Unfortunately, the cold weather has done a number on them and we have lost a few. But the "survivors" are growing quite well.

We are now preparing for Travis to graduate high school next week and get ready for college in the fall. Arliss will be working with kids at a summer camp and dear hubby and I will continue to work at our farm- making it more and more into the place of our dreams.

Sending love and brisk spring kisses from the farm,